Most web Guru’s are screaming about “THE LIST”

If you ask any web “Guru” they will tell you its all about the list! They will tell you how it is impossible to make any money without having a HUGE email list. While I don’t want to totally discount the importance of an email list, I do want to shed some light on this perpetuated myth. 

I have coached people who have had large email lists and weren’t making any money. I have worked with podcasters that had very impressive download numbers and yet they weren’t able to bring in any kind of income from it. They had expensive hobbies. 

Making sales online is all about connecting with your audience and providing them something of value. Far too many people online are just regurgitating the same old info, just faking it ’till they make it. And while that adage is great for the confidence portion, it doesn’t work as well when you are disseminating information to people. 

I hear it all over the web, you have to have a list. You are dead in the water without a list. I have put together a list of 3 things that will help you grow your business without having the holy grail that is the list.

Give something of value!

The great thing about making an income online is that you can share what you know with lots of people and be compensated for doing so. Whenever I speak with people I am always looking for ways to help them, even if there will be no client relationship from it. I have found that the more I help people the “Luckier” I am in business. Interestingly enough it isn’t usually the people that I directly helped that hire me, but rather someone (or many people) that they send my way.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t go around helping people just to get a referral. This is something that you should be genuine with. I find the more genuinely I help people succeed the more that life returns to me favorably. It is a very great feeling knowing that I have helped someone, and it is an amazing feeling when they trust me enough to lend their reputation and connect me with their friends

It is these “old school tactics” that have helped me never run out of clients. I stay as busy as I want to, and that is a great blessing. 

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value      -Albert Einstein

Stop Selling

Sometimes I see people selling their product or affiliate link/program. Everything on their social media platforms and their lists involves them selling. People understand that you are running a business, and are ok with you pitching things to them sporadically. One of the first things I tell my clients is to stop selling! I know this may seem counter intuitive, but hear me out.

You are going to have far more success in doing a little research with your potential clients. Talk to people, find out what they are up to, what their dreams and goals are. This will help you present your information/product/affiliate link to them in a way that they can see the benefit from it. Too many marketers want to fully automate the process and just collect a check!

There is still a great need for making that human to human interaction. People want to make a meaningful connection. Social media and the internet are just a tool. You can leverage that tool and have it help you stay connected better, rather than just try to use it as a megaphone and shout your offerings. Make sure that the audience you are trying to reach is who you are targeting, not just anyone that comes across what you are doing. 


Start Sharing

This is how you can gain some major traction! It’s all about sharing. I steer away from the high pressure sale and help clients by sharing what is best for them! I speak to a lot of people who hire coaches that have good programs, but their chief complaint is that they are so rigid with the program it doesn’t always suit them or their situation. These coaches have everything mapped out and how it works (let me add: for them) but not everyone has the same style for their business. 

When you take the sharing approach you find what is best for your client and/or individual with whom you are conversing. I find that I can make far more sales using the Sharing model vs the Selling model. There are so many people who need guidance to achieve their goals, and you get to be one of the people that helps them on their way. This is a place where I think both Movers and Makers can excel. It is all about sharing something that can solve a problem for the person rather than just being that sleazy salesman who just wants to make the sale. 


What have you found helps you grow your business? Leave a comment below!