Have you ever felt like the market you want to go into already has all the big hitters it’s going to have? How are you going to stand out?

This was my same issue. When I started coaching and web design. I didn’t have anything “special” about me. I was just a guy from a town nobody out there has really heard of. You can get your site designed by LOTS of different sources, same thing with coaches. So why is it that I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing clients?

Here are 3 tips to standing out!



This has been something that has brought me more than any other form of “marketing.” For me this is a lifestyle not a  marketing technique. I look for opportunities to share information with people who need it regardless of any potential monetary  ties. Being able to help people has brought me to the attention of some amazing clients.

There are so many times that I have answered questions in forums, groups, private messages, and calls. Why do I do this? Because there is so much need out there. If I can help someone make money, or accomplish a task with just a few minutes of my time then I will gladly do that. I can’t offer full coaching or web design for free, but I can give pointers.


2. Listen & Teach

Too many times when people are “coaching” or doing something for a client they do what is industry standard instead of tailoring the delivery to their clients needs. I tell my clients “anyone can design you a site, but my goal is to help you accomplish your goals.” This is why I take time to learn about the industry that my clients are in. I listen to what they are asking for and do my best to walk them through the process instead of just delivering a product or service.

Having the heart of a teacher will definitely increase your credibility and increase how approachable you are.  Clients don’t need to know what you are doing to the same level you do, but take time to make them feel part of the process. You are more likely to get a return customer if the overall result was something they played a role in.


3. Deliver more than promised

writerOften when we are trying to make the sale we tend to over promise and under deliver. But I have found if you reverse those, clients tend to be much happier. Be realistic in what you can deliver, and then take it a step further when you finish up. When I design something for a client and they want a picture changed or something simple like a text replacement I just take care of it. This is because I want to provide a great service.

Most of my clientele is now on referral and return customer basis. I don’t spend money on advertising because I stay busy enough. I love helping people and want to do the best job for them, and when you do that people will take notice. My clients aren’t just that, but they become my friends.  I know them and keep up with what they are doing, and give pointers along the way!


How can you stand out from the crowd? What are you looking to promote? Leave a comment with a  link below and I’ll check out what you’re doing!