Yeah, you read that right! Stay with me for a second and we’ll dissect this.

This past week we got to celebrate a few birthdays in my family. We had a piñata for one of my kids. As I was watching the kids take turns attacking the dinosaur piñata, it occurred to me that this could definitely be a metaphor for success. Here are three lessons I learned from this experience.

party1. Join the party!

You’re not just going to have a piñata lying around, unless you’re weird. lol. So to be able to attack the piñata you have to show up! Interestingly enough I hear people share the stories of how they “failed,” but for most of them they failed to show up. They either signed up for a thing, paid for a course, joined a company, started to sell on etsy, etc. But they didn’t show up, they didn’t put in the time required to be able to begin seeing success.


Showing up is the first step to success!


You have what I call the “Idea Jockey’s,” they are the people who tell you all the things they are thinking of doing, but NEVER take action. I know a lot of these people, the ones who actually have great ideas, and the potential to pull it off. They are just too scared to try anything. A lot of us have started out as Idea Jockey’s, but luckily we were able to grasp onto the concept of action.

If this is you, get up, get dressed, and join the party!

alone-971122_6402. Put on the blindfold

So if you’ve never been to where they have a piñata, let me explain this step. Traditionally you take the kid that is going to be swinging at the piñata, and you blindfold them. Then you kindly (lol) spin them around to confuse them a bit. Then you release them to find the piñata that holds all the candy and goodies.

Starting your own business, joining a network marketing company, or starting a new type of job can all feel like this. You have a vague idea of where you are and what you need to do, but it is so confusing at times. There are so many things that you need to know right away, but this may be your first time doing something like this.

This is when you need a coach! You have the older folks, those who have hit many a piñata in their day, yelling to you from the sidelines. They’re telling you “Up, Up, Left, etc.” They are guiding you. They have eyes to see those things that you don’t see. In business and life you can have the same people that can be removed from the situation and see things a little more clearly.

Coaches are a great way to expand your vision at any stage of the game. You can get all the help you need. There are people who already have taken the path, and made the mistakes. You can fall back on their experience to help you be able to hit the target, in this case the piñata!

3. Just keep swinging!

Most of us when starting out feel that success is a straight line. That those who have hit the top did everything correctly, and they have this secret path. In all reality those people who are at the top just kept swinging. They kept hitting the piñata until it finally broke and gave its reward! This is the same for us.

We tend to call it consistency, or focus. I just like to tell people to keep hitting the piñata until you get the candy. I think it is imperative to your success that you just keep trying. Sometimes you get a little help from your friends, the other kids at the party! You don’t have to go at it alone. Those who tend to find more success have networked with people who later have been an important part of their life.

If you “fail” at something, just get up, dust yourself off, and try again. If you need to pivot, change the business model, etc., go ahead. Just don’t lose your goal. Keep moving forward and you will find the right thing for you. Much like driving, you have a concept of what it is like when you start out, but you don’t really understand until you get some experience under your belt.

How long have you been swinging at the piñata? Are you getting candy yet? How can we help? Leave us a commend below!!!