TITLE: Michael’s on his Soap-Box Again
Welcome to the Movers & Makers podcast, A show dedicated to helping you collaborate to Make Amazing Things
I’m Allan Dubon, Chief Mover of The Movers & Makers Company
And, I’m Michael Williamson, Chief Maker of The Movers & Makers Company
This week’s episode is a bit special. We rescheduled our guest for a later episode.
This episode, we’ll be discussing the vision behind The Movers & Makers Company, the book, the podcast, the personality test, and the community. This episode should serve as a great entry point into everything Movers & Makers. So, buckle up and enjoy.
News (3 top stories) Links
Nix & Gerber https://vimeo.com/165461598
Michael, you found this video on Vimeo that’s a documentary showcasing the work of Nix & Garber. This is incredible.Nix & Gerber are artists and crafters that create diorama scenes with phenomenal detail. http://www.nixgerberstudio.com/
Yeah, this video showcases their post-apocolyptic scenes. But, if you visit their website, it’s a treat to the eyes. It’s like looking at photos of real places. It’s deceptive.
Die Floppy-Disk Orgel!
What did you think of that video, “Die Floppy-Disk Orgel!” about the organ made from Floppy disks to make the sound? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K46krINg8WA&feature=youtu.be
Turn Your Electronics Project into a Sellable Product http://makezine.com/2016/06/13/turn-your-electronics-project-into-a-sellable-product/
An article from June 13th over on Makezine.com is an excellent look at making and moving combined. It highlights making a sellable electronics product in a step-by-step process. While the first few steps of the process are clearly getting the Making part of the process down, the last few steps are clear Mover territory with steps like: ordering parts, setting up supply chains, getting certifications, quality testing and more.
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Discussion Links
So, Michael, I understand you need a little time on your soap-box.
Ha, yeah, probably no a lot like a soap-box issue, but really, it’s more about something I’m passionate about and wanting to help others.
Allan, imagine someone saying to you:
“You really need to be better at Adobe Illustrator, it’s just killing your success to be such a novice.”
Or, how about, “you really need to learn how to compose music, you just won’t be successful until you do.”
Or, try this one, “it’s astounding to me that you can’t grasp the concept of JavaScript closures and the importance of scoping variables.”
Email or Social Media
Well, as Father’s Day approaches, I thought I’d share a little wisdom from Twitter
Tim Fargo, @alphabetsuccess tweets, “A child’s mind is not a bucket to fill, but a fire to ignite.”  https://twitter.com/alphabetsuccess/status/743158645920260096
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Profile of Guest Links
Well, we normally will do a profile of our guest to highlight different personality types in Movers & Makers, but we don’t have a guest. Are we going to profile you?
Funny you should mention it. I am going to profile myself, sorta. But, instead of reading a Movers & Makers profile that I created, I’m going to create a profile created about my personality type by a hero of mine, Dr. David Kiersey
(Michael read Kiersey’s profile)
(Segue into vision for Movers & Makers)
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