Allan Dubon and Michael Williamson Intro’s


Group of people who did game of thrones in Minecraft. Some people have created CPU’s inside Minecraft. Makers essentially have toolkits within this game.

WesterosCraft Renders


 GOTMinecraft has an article called  Why Raising venture capital is wrong for your company. inclogo

We spoke a bit about Pat Flynn’s Book Let Go


Don’t Try to Microwave a Solution  -Allan Dubon

A Venture Capitalist Turns a Maker Into an Employee -Michael Williamson

Makers rarely make good employees

Big corporations can’t take big risks. Facebook is a good example of this. They are losing ground right now. I’m not saying they’re not the big player, but they are starting to slip. People are/were ok with FB making money, but they are making their users feel like they just want too much money and don’t care about the user experience. People are starting to move to other platforms. FB engineers call this content collapse, this is where people aren’t posting as much original content like they used to.

We also spoke on affiliate sales. We found higher success when trying to help people instead of just wanting to make more money. Pat Flynn is doing it right! He is always putting out content and helping his audience. And as soon as your email feels like too much of a pitch your followers should be able to unsubscribe.

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