Episode 2 – Drained Introvert

Intro: Allan Dubon and Michael Williamson

Talked about Ryan and Candace who do Cosplay at BeeLickCosplay

Selling isn’t about telling things, it is about listening to people’s needs and help them. Michael went to a networking event, and as an introvert it was difficult for him to do the small talk. He was working on becoming interested in what other people are building and selling. Connecting with makers is easy for him, but finds it a bit more difficult to connect with movers.

Allan dislikes Making things, because he feels inadequate. Although he would like to learn to make more things with his hands. He got an axe and will be chopping wood this winter!

Being an introverted isn’t a bad thing. Michael brought up the book Quiet by Susan Cain

There isn’t always a direct correlation between Makers and introvertedness.

There are a lot of different people. Becoming successful involves understanding that. Admiring and respecting what makes you different will help you communicate more effectively.

Products Mentioned:

Make Magazine


Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain