In this episode: Why, what, and how to start a business for yourself. And, the secrets nobody else will tell you

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I Want to Start a Business, But I Don’t Know What to Do

DISCUSSION – News & Guest:

  • Podcast Movement is coming up
  • 5 Tips to get Noticed on LinkedIn
  • Walker Stalkers and the biggest events around
  • NECLUMI A wearable projector that projects an image of jewelry onto your body. Customizable and includes motion, animation and detached design
  • The Falco eDrive system lets you race interactively while exercising and recharging the battery
  • Mighty Mug is the innovative mug that grips to your desk when knocked into. Say good-bye to your old mug that falls over and spills. Desks of the world rejoice!
  • Enjoy our discussion about the secrets about starting a business.


Allan Dubon, Chief Mover of The Movers & Makers Company (@allandubon)

Michael Allen Williamson, Chief Maker of The Movers & Makers Company (@mawcsco)


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