In this episode we talk with Russ Lee about art-based businesses and the value of makers as entrepreneurs.

The Movers & Makers podcast, a show dedicated to helping you collaborate to Make Amazing Things.


Life is Our Canvas


Russ Lee –

DISCUSSION – News & Guest:

  • Colin Furze posted his video of his GIANT Star Wars AT-ACT Garden Den
  • User platoreborn on Reddit announced a place for youtube makers to collaborate
  • Josh Liu shared an article on Medium titled, Choosing a manufacturing service model: What every startup should know
  • Peeqo the animated GIF robot
  • Liftware’s self-leveling spoon for people with arm impairment
  • Artist TOR FRICK makes hyper realistic, grungy, scifi digital artwork that is simply astounding
  • Enjoy our conversation with Russ Lee. Learn about building a business based on art, business scalability, and the value of finding mover partners.


Allan Dubon, Chief Mover of The Movers & Makers Company (@allandubon)

Michael Allen Williamson, Chief Maker of The Movers & Makers Company (@mawcsco)


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