Our guest, Jeremy Lane, shares his experience running a local small business and what it really means to be a Mover or Maker.

The Movers & Makers podcast, a show dedicated to helping you collaborate to Make Amazing Things.


Life in the Fast Lane


Jeremy Lane with FastLane Technologies

DISCUSSION – News & Guest:

  • Novelist runs into fiery home for laptop
  • Fidget Cube: A vinyl desk toy
  • Absolutely incredible Jim Raynor cosplay. (No wacky proportions, working lights and automated visor)
  • Selling $5,000 on Reddit and Instagram in 48 hours without being spammy
  • Join us for our conversation with entrepreneur, Jeremy Lane. We discuss choosing a localized service business vs. a chain store/company. And as always, enjoy his personality profile and learn whether he is a Mover or a Maker. The results might be surprising. We dig into some of what makes a Mover and a Maker.


Allan Dubon, Chief Mover of The Movers & Makers Company (@allandubon)

Michael Allen Williamson, Chief Maker of The Movers & Makers Company (@mawcsco)


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