Episode 1 – Hello

Intro: Allan Dubon and Michael WIlliamson

Explaining a bit about Movers and Makers.

What is a maker? Someone who feels compelled to make something. Someone who will build things. Furniture, robots, films, art, write fiction etc.

What is a mover? Someone who is good at sales, diplomacy, counseling etc.

Makers often feel taken advantage of, and haven’t really learned how to collaborate with movers.

We discussed the upcoming community and how it can impact Movers and Makers in their individual business as well as increasing income streams.

We discussed how people feel differently about money and have been raised to have differing beliefs about it.
We also layout the idea for survival guides. Small articles or video series that will help you be armed with the rough patches of business and/or work. It will help you collaborate with either movers and/or makers.

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