Build Your Own Website Without Looking Like an Amateur.

Get up and running quickly with this step-by-step guide to building your own website. 

Build Your Own Website Without Looking Like an Amateur.

Get up and running quickly with this step-by-step guide to building your own website. 

A Step-by-step Guide to go from Nothing to a Professional Website

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses must have a website in today’s market. But, hiring a designer takes time and money; sometimes that’s just too much; sometimes, you just have to do it yourself.

But, there are so many options, so many decisions, so much to learn, so much to do. There is only so much energy to be drained from a person. Wouldn’t it be nice if the pros made the decisions? Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody else figured out all the gotchas? All that would be left is getting things done.

DIY Websites for Enterepreneurs and Small Businesses takes all of the guesswork and paralyzing complexity out of building a site. Simply follow the steps and the result is a professional website at a very low cost.


“No crazy promises, just straight-up help.”

The ebook is available in 3 parts. Available individually, or as a bundle.

Part 1 – Setup Introduces you to the basics, guides you through selecting a domain name, getting hosting and installing your WordPress CMS. By the time you’re done, your foundation is in place.

Part 2 – Building Guides you through making smart choices for pages, navigation, content, and basic design. At the end, your site will be ready to launch.

Part 3 – Going Live will show you how to take your new site, make it live, maintain it long term, add more advanced design, start SEO, and create ongoing content.

Your Domain Name is Your Brand

Popular Options Aren't Always the Best

Don't be Nickle-and-Dimed to Death


Always Keep an Eye on Security

Build Your Site for Your Users

Protect Yourself from Spam

Build Your Site to Attract Customers

Keep Mobile-First in Mind

What’s in the Book

Part 1 – Setup

Introduction & Philosophy

Fundamentals & Important Terms

Step 1 – Domain Name

Step 2 – Hosting

Step 3 –

Step 4 – Essential Plugins

Step 5 – Themes

Part 2 – Building

Step 6 – Navigation & Pages

Step 7 – Homepage

Step 8 – Contact Page

Step 9 – About Page

Step 10 – Products/Services Page

Step 11 – Articles/Media/Podcast Page

Step 12 – Support Page

Step 13 – Resources Page


Part 3 – Going Live

Step 14 – Legal Page (Don’t go live without this.)

Step 15 – Add Some Posts

Step 16 – Going Live

SEO Fundamentals


Making it Look Awesome

Landing Pages


Read a Sample Chapter for Free

The Bundle

Purchasing the bundle gives you access to our online help community, invitations to upcoming video series, and a discount on the bundle.

Save 22% When You Purchase the Bundle

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I’ve struggled for years with a mediocre web site. Now I finally stand out from the crowd of competitors.



Small Business Owner

Michael & Allan are true experts. No guessing, no confusion, no crazy promises, just straight-up help.




I almost wasted my money on an expensive course. Found this book and I’m so happy with how much time and money I saved.




The Authors

Michael Allen Williamson

Michael Allen Williamson

Michael Allen Williamson is a User Experience (UX) Designer and User Interface (UI) Designer. He’s been designing and building software and websites since 1995. In addition to logos and branding, He currently designs and builds websites for his clients and partners on a daily basis.

Michael is co-founder and co-president of
The Movers & Makers Company

Allan Dubon

Allan Dubon

Allan Dubon is an online marketer, a speaker, and a coach. He has had the privilege of making money online and helping others do the same. He’s built websites as part of his income stream and has had a great time doing it. His passion is building online businesses and watching them take off.

Allan is co-founder and co-president of
The Movers & Makers Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m unhappy with the book?

If you’re not happy, then we’ll give you your money back. It’s as simple as that. We’re confident that the content of this book is valuable to any entrepreneur or small business.

Why 3 parts?

The goal is to save you money. If you only need the content of Part 2, then you only need to purchase one part. If you need all of the parts, we offer a discount on the bundle.

Is this book up-to-date?

It’s up to date and we’ll keep it up-to-date. If you purchase from our store, we’ll keep you informed of updates and give you new download links.

What if I already have a site?

You can still benefit from this book. Parts 2 and 3 are chock-full of information that many existing sites can benefit from. You may even discover that the steps in Part 1 can save you money in the long run.

What if I get stuck or need help?

If you purchase the bundle from our store, or upgrade a single part to the bundle, you will be invited to our online community where you can get help from us or other readers on the same journey.

Is there a print version of the book?

We are working with publishers to create a print version of the book. If you’re interested in a print version, please contact us.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Go from Nothing to a Live Professional Website

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