About Movers & Makers

There are two kinds of people in this world…


The ones that move businesses, organizations, groups, and society forward. The salesman, the marketers, the educators, the diplomats, the counselors, the coaches, the administrators, the debaters, the accountants, the investors, the performers, and more. 

Businesses succeed and social progress is made with this 80% segment of the world: Movers


The people that feel compelled to make things, even if the world never knows. They work tirelessly in their garages, basements, and studios to invent, craft, compose, paint, create stories, architect buildings, architect software, build software, design graphics, create videos, and more.

Technological advances and artistic innovations are made with this 20% segment of the world:  Makers

Both Movers and Makers are important and necessary in the world

But, things have gotten out of balance.



See Makers as strange and odd and have difficulty working with them. There is a lack of things being made, so Movers make things…


Often feel misunderstood and as taken-advantage-of. They have difficulty understanding Movers and what makes them tick.

Movers & Makers

Like a bridge, we want to bring them together.



Can let go of the stress of feeling like they need to keep making things. Movers can be a part of making amazing things and taking them to the world.


Can let go of trying to sell, market, negotiate, account, and promote things. Makers can continue making amazing things and trust that they won’t be taken-advantage-of, while their creations reach the world.

What We’re Doing


We’ve created a personality test that will help you figure out of your inner Mover or Maker dominates and how you can best collaborate with others. We’re building an online version of this test for the world to use.

We’re writing books and creating courses to arm you with the knowledge you need to build collaborative businesses and rethink the meaning of “entrepreneur.”

We’re building a community to give you the support you need and help you connect with others on a similar journey or potential collaborators.

We’re toolkits full of useful resources that help you build your collaborative business right.

Join Us

We’re looking for programmers, marketers, social media gurus, beta readers, and fans. We’d love to have you join us.